First Competition of the Season starts with a win!

Our girls went to Fierce competition as their first competition of the season...So proud of all of their accomplishments!

Special award to Olivia Defabritus for her long lines and Broadway potential!

First in categories:

Beautiful People Possibility Girl group medley Sing with a Swing Dangerous Woman Waiting Game Grown Memoire Crazy in love Man Eater Smash Sun Reminisce Mr. Zoot Suit The Human Condition

Invited to be on the fierce national dance team: Viola Babbino, Samantha Babbino, Olivia Defabritus, Marissa Mahoney, Ashley D'Esposito, Sarah Fradkin, and Abby Fern

Nominated to complete for the face of fierce: - Samantha Babbino -Sarah Fradkin

Overall Junior Small Groups: 3rd place-Rotten to the Core

OverallJunior Small Groups: (All Star) 4th place-Hair like this

Overall Pre-Teen Small Groups: 8th place - Black Betty 5th place- Can't stop that feeling

Overall Pre-Teen fierce group: 3rd place- Mr. Zoot Suit

Overall Teen Solos: 5th place-Abby Fern 2nd place- Sarah Fradkin 1st place- Sarah Fradkin

Overall Senior Solos: 10th place-Olivia Defabritus 8th place-Samantha Willoughby 7th place -Olivia Defabritus 2nd place-Marissa Mahoney 1st place- Marissa Mahoney

Highest scoring soloist for ALL 13 & up Solos: Sun- Sarah Fradkin

Miss Senior Fierce: Sarah Fradkin

Highest score of all the groups of the WHOLE ENTIRE Competition this weekend: Memoire

Just Amazing:) Congrats ladies!!!

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